PAF Community Showcase Coordinators, Florence Hill & Chris Berry

PAF Community Flower Artist

The Community Showcase is a celebration of the rich cultural life that surrounds Powderhorn Park and nourishes the community. Juried local artists participate in the Powderhorn Art Fair on a less formal basis a preparation for future participation as Main Exhibitors. The Showcase area also features several neighborhood arts organizations.

2016 Community Showcase Artists

  • J. Arthur Anderson · photography
  • Mary-Lydia Anderson · clay
  • Cristine Basina · jewelry
  • Casey DePasquale · clay
  • Megan Erke · mixed media
  • Emily Floyd · jewelry
  • Jovan Gorman-Carter · painting
  • Luci Haas · clay
  • Rachael Hartzler · drawing
  • Jeremy Irvin and Alex  · fiber
  • Ellie Kingsbury · photography
  • Damond Kyllo · fiber
  • Michelle Lee Lagerroos · printmaking
  • David Logsdon · mixed media
  • Laura Lund · fiber
  • Emily Madland · jewelry
  • Jeanne Malec · jewelry
  • Juliann McDermott · jewelry
  • George Moore · clay
  • Catherine Palmer · painting
  • Elizabeth Plambeck · fiber
  • Sandra Rosebear · mixed media
  • Jessi Sando · mixed media
  • Megan Quick · glass
  • Johanna Smith · painting
  • Sherrie Stockton · metal
  • Shelly Thrall · jewelry

Youth Activities

  • ArtiCulture - Free hands-on art for kids. ArtiCulture offers classes and workshops for all ages; and programs that aim to increase accessibility to the arts.

Community Arts Groups & Activities

Special Arts Activities

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

Bagriy Creative Studios - "Contributism" Project


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Powderhorn Art Fair Map 2015

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